Maandelijks archief: mei 2017

Just do it… yourself!

For a while now that broken faucet in the bathroom has been bothering me. And the lock of the bathroom door that is not working anymore. And those ugly light fixtures need urgent replacing. Oh, and those kitchen cabinets look horrid. Ugh…
This week I took some time off from work, set aside some time to take on all those chores. What I was thinking about before, but decided not do is hire someone. I would try to do this stuff myself. As a challenge, to see if I could do it (and saving the money is not bad either).

The end result? I managed to replace the faucet (including that stop-with-a-lever-thingy) and some light fixtures, put a new bathroom door lock in and had a great time painting a lot of kitchen cabinet doors together with my wife Nuri.

Creating or building something, accomplishing something that I had a notion of as something that I didn’t have in me and just simply enjoying working together, is a great way of boosting my energy, I discovered, despite the effort it takes to do it.

And trying to do it myself, instead of hiring a carpenter, handyman (or erm… consultant or company?) showed me that I can do a lot more myself than I thought and saves money as well. 

This goes not only for the moment I accomplish whatever needs accomplishing. But also later on, when I can apply again what I have learned and experienced. I now know that I can do more than I thought.

I am planning on using that in even more areas in my (work-/) life: just start, just take on that seemingly impossible task, project, assignment that has been bothering me for a while, sitting there on my mind, taking up negative space, space that could be better taken up by something that gives energy instead of taking it away.

You can find your own news

Everybody can find and read the news. It is not that hard, is it? To go to the BBC site or CNN or whatever site that has the news you are looking for? Then why is there so much mindless sharing of links to news? People don’t click on it and it only clogs up the info streams.

Only when I have a thought about something I read or see, it may be pertinent to share a link to some news item. But then again, maybe I do not even link to it. Maybe only the fact in that item itself, that set off my thinking or has an impact on the way I feel about something, is enough for me to write.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to do that also. [Inner dialogue: “Oh wait a minute, this is important news! Better share it right away, because people have to know!”] But what I learned from that, is that most people could not care less about that tidbit of news that I thought was so important. Besides, it is only a handful of folks who saw it anyway. And in the violent storm that is the timeline, my message practically disappears in the maelstrom the moment I put it on.

Brain farts

I quit Twitter and Facebook. There’s still some waiting period before they actually delete my accounts after the deactivation, but I am done. That means no more instant, shoot-from-the-hip posts or reactions for me. No more immediate sharing of every brain fart I have. It means thinking about stuff before I publish it on my blog.

That one news item that I think is so import I have to immediately link to it with a tweet or a Facebook post? I cannot do that anymore. A quick comment on a news site via the Facebook integration-thingie that is running there? Nope. Participating in a discussion and losing all control over my contributions? No more. And the effect is that when something pops into my mind or if I see something that sparks my interest, I think about it, process it and only then maybe post something about it on my blog. More time, more thought, more meaning and value. At least, for me.

That is also something that has changed: I now write for me. Sorry people, I hope you like what you read on my blog if you read my blog, but first and foremost I now write for myself. As a way to process information, or leave a reminder or just some tips or instructions that I know I will want to come back to. It is of value for you also? Great! I am glad I could be of service.

Likes, retweets, responses, trying to work with the algorithm so my posts show up prominently enough on timelines, thinking about who will see it, what they will feel or think about what I post… and wait, who are ‘they’ anyway? Friends? Family? Colleagues? Acquaintances? Some stranger? – All that stuff is now gone and I concentrate on what is important to me.

That is I think how we can add more value to the content we put online. Quitting with that constant stream of instant data that has no or little insight put into it, to stop and think some more to try and make sense of it all.