You can find your own news

Everybody can find and read the news. It is not that hard, is it? To go to the BBC site or CNN or whatever site that has the news you are looking for? Then why is there so much mindless sharing of links to news? People don’t click on it and it only clogs up the info streams.

Only when I have a thought about something I read or see, it may be pertinent to share a link to some news item. But then again, maybe I do not even link to it. Maybe only the fact in that item itself, that set off my thinking or has an impact on the way I feel about something, is enough for me to write.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to do that also. [Inner dialogue: “Oh wait a minute, this is important news! Better share it right away, because people have to know!”] But what I learned from that, is that most people could not care less about that tidbit of news that I thought was so important. Besides, it is only a handful of folks who saw it anyway. And in the violent storm that is the timeline, my message practically disappears in the maelstrom the moment I put it on.


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