Just do it… yourself!

For a while now that broken faucet in the bathroom has been bothering me. And the lock of the bathroom door that is not working anymore. And those ugly light fixtures need urgent replacing. Oh, and those kitchen cabinets look horrid. Ugh…
This week I took some time off from work, set aside some time to take on all those chores. What I was thinking about before, but decided not do is hire someone. I would try to do this stuff myself. As a challenge, to see if I could do it (and saving the money is not bad either).

The end result? I managed to replace the faucet (including that stop-with-a-lever-thingy) and some light fixtures, put a new bathroom door lock in and had a great time painting a lot of kitchen cabinet doors together with my wife Nuri.

Creating or building something, accomplishing something that I had a notion of as something that I didn’t have in me and just simply enjoying working together, is a great way of boosting my energy, I discovered, despite the effort it takes to do it.

And trying to do it myself, instead of hiring a carpenter, handyman (or erm… consultant or company?) showed me that I can do a lot more myself than I thought and saves money as well. 

This goes not only for the moment I accomplish whatever needs accomplishing. But also later on, when I can apply again what I have learned and experienced. I now know that I can do more than I thought.

I am planning on using that in even more areas in my (work-/) life: just start, just take on that seemingly impossible task, project, assignment that has been bothering me for a while, sitting there on my mind, taking up negative space, space that could be better taken up by something that gives energy instead of taking it away.


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