Contemplating the value of LinkedIn

Contemplating the value of LinkedIn, for me that is. After getting rid of my Facebook and Twitter accounts, this one’s up next.

Right now I mostly use it as a Rolodex of sorts. Not exactly what it is intended for and also not very efficient because I actually use Outlook as my go-to vehicle for communication, since that is what my organization uses.

What else? I sometimes read an article there. I do not need an account for that. And besides, plenty of other places to get content from. I do not need LinkedIn for that.

I can see that sometimes people are checking out my profile and/or resume. Never leads to anything (but cold acquisition) and I can (better) maintain my CV on my personal site.

I can see what (former) colleagues and people I have met professionally are sharing and liking. Yah…

And group participation? Forget it. In my experience groups are populated by account and marketing managers, trying to peddle their products or add more accounts. Besides, I am not a great networker, nor am I interested in that. As soon as networking becomes a verb, something goes awry.

Does Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn weigh in? Let me think. Nope.

Well, looks like I am going to ax LinkedIn as well…


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