Attention grabbing

It is like those sites with the “subscribe now” pop-ups don’t want you to actually read the articles that are there, they only want you to subscribe… to emails… with links in them… that you have to click if you want to read the whole article… which is on the site. And as soon as you land on the page that contains the article, they try and grab your attention, take your focus away from what you came there to read.

If you extrapolate that thought: how do news sites filled with ads and pop-ups and other crap value you, as a reader? Do they want you to read what their journalists or editors came up with? Or they just want you to come to their site and… that’s basically it. Period.

It does not make sense to me.


2 thoughts on “Attention grabbing

  1. Read Voraciously

    The perfect take on what has prevented me from adding one to my blog. I definitely want readers to subscribe for my content but I find those pop-ups annoying and a bit offending.



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