Taking my feeds out of WordPress Reader

I am always tempted to (and do) start following people on WordPress by pressing the WordPress Follow button on their site. Their feed gets added to WordPress Reader and I can read their posts there. And then I get in trouble, because not every blog I follow is on WordPress.

Yes, I know you can add feeds from other blogs to Reader as well, but WordPress’ Reader just isn’t that great at handling RSS feeds. For instance, it does not show you which post you already read and grouping feeds is also not possible (anymore).

Besides, I am using WordPress for my blog, not as my feed reader. Mainly because I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket, plus I really like separate applications that do one thing very well more than using one environment for everything. Don’t get me wrong, I am on an everlasting quest to find such an environment, you know, where everything just works and interacts really well. But I am starting to think it is just a myth…

So, I am moving (again) the feeds of the blogs I was following with WordPress Reader to my newsfeed reader of choice: Inoreader.

And I thought of enabling the social features on Inoreader to share my list, but I don’t think it is of interest to anyone, and again, eggs… basket. You know.


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