Going to test with post formats

I want to try and use post formats to see if it really fits my needs. Up until now I tried avoiding using them, thinking simpler is better. And while I still think that, I also want to put more information here, keep the influx of content here and my (thinking) processes more flowing.

Also, when I want to look up something on my blog or somebody visits this site, I want to be able to offer the option to filter out just the type of posts that are needed/being looked for.

A thing I worry about is how the different themes handle and support the different formats. Is just going with the latest (Automattic or other) theme a garantee that that all formats are fully supported and presented in the right way?

And what about RSS? How are titleless Asides and Statuses presented in a reader for instance?

Then again, ripping out the post formats when I don’t like them anymore won’t do a lot of harm I think, except for the title thing that is.

What the hell, let the testing begin…


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