What to do with links?

I am still struggling with the ‘link’ post format. Well, with links. What to do when I read an article, I like it and then want to share it or at least keep it for future reference?

My initial thought was: either I have something to say about it and it becomes a blog post or I have nothing to add and basically just want to bookmark. That I do at BibSonomy.

But what if I think the link is really relevant and interesting, fits my blog and I just haven’t got anything useful to say about it? That link should go here then, right?

Then again, I am not going to do that with all links. Some links are really just bookmarks. I am saving the reference so I can look it up later when I need that information. And better to keep all my links, whatever I use them for, in one place.

So…. yeah.

For now, I’ll stick with my routine: adding links to my bookmarks or actually say something about them (however concise) here on my blog in a standard or status post.



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