Everyday blog posts

I am trying to wrap my head around how to use post formats and categories on WordPress.com. Right now I put all posts in a ‘Blog’ category and I try to make a distinction between types of posts by using post formats, like ‘Status’ and ‘Standard’.

Now, when I want to filter for only statuses for instance, I can do that by linking to:


I can even offer a feed of only status updates by simply adding ‘feed’ to that URL:


In the above example you can substitute ‘status’ with ‘link’, ‘aside’ and so forth. It really works well with all the other post formats as well.

So far so good, but…

Since Standard is not really a format, but rather the absence of it, I can not filter for Standard posts! Oh, and there is no ‘blog’ format, or something like that. According to WordPress.com documentation I should use Standard for that, because it is the designated format for “your everyday blog post”.


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