Being part of the system

These last few days this post by Jeff Cann has been running around in my head. It is followed by a lot of comments that are also worth a read. Jeff was writing about the type of posts that he wants to read. And it struck a cord with a lot of people. And me.

Fact is, as long as you write in an engaging way, about stuff that will move me, inspire me, teach me something, give me an insight I haven’t had before, I want to read it. And I read too little of stuff like that.

Before I was commenting on the WordPress Reader. It couldn’t do this and it didn’t work for that… But now I am thinking there was a flaw in my thinking. I was treating feeds like all feeds are the same. They’re news and I need controls that help me read news in an efficient way.

But what if I look at blogs in a different way? What if I embrace the ecosystem it is a part of? Will I find new blogs with the content I am looking for? Maybe I will.

So, I am going to challenge myself. Try out something new., here I come.


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