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Stop abusing the algorithm

Yo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others! Stop abusing the algorithm, please! Maybe your intentions are on the up and up, but you are doing way more harm than good. You’re putting people in information bubbles from which there’s barely any escaping.

Okay, and maybe your not that well intended. All the more reason to stop what you’re doing. Maybe you want people to be dependent on your particular way of handling information, because it kind of forces them to stay in your little version of the/a world.

All this repeating and asserting and only showing of information put forward by the like-minded, it does not help us forward, it does nothing but maintain a status quo that is only good for your wallets, not for the people you claim to want to help.


Don’t decide yet

“People decide ‘no’, before they try – Gary Vaynerchuck

There is a Dutch saying, which roughly translates as: ‘you already have ‘no’ but maybe you can get a yes’. This can apply to all kinds of situations. And maybe you realize it and maybe you don’t, but lots of times people already have decided, consciously or unconsciously, that the answer is ‘no’.

I am still training myself on this and it amazes me every time how often I already decided on something without actually looking at it. This means I have to (well, first off, actually notice that I decided on ‘no’ without trying) then step back, take another look, decide if I was right in my assumption (almost always the answer is ‘no’) and then find out what I can do to get a ‘yes’, try again.

And what happens then is that, the more I do this, the more I tell myself to go back and check, the more I find out stuff is actually doable, reachable, etc.

So, don’t assume, always second-guess (yourself) and then try. Cause remember: you already have a ‘no’, but who knows? Maybe you can get a ‘yes’.

Trump faking it, again

Ugh, and again I did it – commenting elsewhere instead of putting it up here, on my blog. So, to make amends, I take my case here also:

Today Donald Trump retweeted a video on which a boy on crutches is being attacked. Originally the message was tweeted by British politician Jayda Fransen. She captioned the video with the words “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!”

Turns out, the video originally was posted on Dutch site Dumpert. Dumpert removed the video already. Dutch media reported that the perpetrator has been found and you know what? Turns out he is neither… he is a Dutch, non-Muslim boy.

But hey, if you’re the president of the USA you can just shout whatever suits you, wether it is fake or not, right?

Let’s turn this around

When I write something I write it down for me, for myself. But. I’d love the thing I write for other people to be entertaining, thought-provoking, informative. I’m not talking about literary masterpieces here. Just my thoughts, my take on things, me finding out something, or wanting to share something I think is newsworthy.

And if I do so, if I really want to put that stuff out there, it’s not because ‘I gotsa get paid‘, if you know what I mean.

I want to be part of a movement… No, strike that… I want to see a lot more like-minded people doing the same out there. Because they want to write, share, because they want to connect, discuss… heck, maybe even help other people out there, who might be struggling with something. You know what I mean?

Traffic light for shoegazers

In the Dutch city of Bodegraven they now have ‘light lines’ next to good old-fashioned traffic lights for pedestrians. I think it is a great idea, not only for the smartphone-addicted but also for older people or people with disabilities, who have difficulties with looking up at the light. And it also can help others on the road who can tell what kind of light the people on the sidewalk are looking at. Hey, it saves lives according to research, so I’m all for it.

Initiation rituals in Dutch army are good, according to Dutch State secretary

Dutch State secretary for the Defense department Visser wants ‘initiation rituals’ in the army to continue. Apparently it enhances team spirit, according to the secretary. Yes, abuse and humiliation will do that, of course. If that is the kind of spirit you want the military to have, don’t be surprised if their values are a bit skewed… Oh, and if any of the hazing victims that were raped, abused, bullied and extorted want to talk to her, they can do that. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll come running.